Diet Drops New Fad In Dieting

imagesAs the years go by, health and diet plans come in and out of popularity. It always seems like there’s some new buzz-word diet that really works. While these diets can sometimes remain in the public eye for a few years, they usually lose momentum and fade out soon. HCG drops appear to have a more lasting effect than other diet plans, though. HCG drops are effective weight-loss supplements because they not only suppress the appetite, but they help the body burn fat as well. HCG stands for “human chorionic gonadotropin,” a hormone that is made only during a woman’s pregnancy. This hormone is used to trigger the body to burn fat into energy and is used to give more nourishment to the embryo and placenta. In non-pregnant women and men, this hormone simply burns fat, turning it into energy that gives mental clarity and physical well-being. Furthermore, this hormone also allows people to feel full and satisfied with less food, and when taken with a low-calorie diet, can be used to melt fat away very quickly.

Starting an HCG Diet? Here are 8 Filling Low-Calorie Foods that can help you achieve your HCG diet goals!

Some people take hCG just to trim off a few pounds, while many have been struggling with obesity for a very long time. In extreme cases, some people have lost as much as forty pounds in one month, and have had less skin damage (such as loose skin) because of the hormone’s unique properties. HCG became popular in the 1970s as an injection-based weight loss treatment. Today, the hormones are taken orally through drops that are consumed from twenty four to forty days. Some people have reported seeing as much as two pounds lost every day of their hCG diet. By limiting your caloric intake to 500 calories – a low number of calories that the hormone makes the body use more efficiently – you will start to see the weight drop fast.

People taking this supplement are satisfied with a small amount of food and do not feel additional hunger pangs. While taking the supplement, it is important to keep exercise to a minimum – perhaps a 20 minute walks a day. This is because the body must be kept in a careful balance between low calorie intake and not burning too many calories. Once you have lost weight, stopped using the drops, and returned to a normal diet, you are strongly encouraged to exercise to keep the pounds from coming back.

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Diet Drops Effective For Weight Loss

imagesPeople interested in dieting have recently become very aware of dieting drops. Despite what many of heard in the past about former dieting plans, this new weight loss treatment has been known to be very effective and is continually surprising skeptical dieters. Millions of people have been seeing results with the power of hCG drops. These drops have been known to help people drop one or two pounds every day of the diet. While most diet plans also require the dieter to take up an exercise regimen, hCG works in the opposite direction. Rigorous exercise is detrimental to this diet drop plan, which makes many dieters with busy lives and no time for the gym very happy.

Some cases have shown that hCG also has the potential to benefit blood pressure, thyroid, and pancreas function. Though these findings are still being researched, it is certainly a remarkably healthy dieting option! Of course, the diet is only as effective as the dieter makes it – they must follow the diet plan correctly, or this form of weight loss will not work, The potential hCG dieter must take the drops as directed. You can also get more information about HCG here. The dieter must purchase hCG from a reputable source; the drops are taken by administering them underneath the tongue. The dieter then has a decreased appetite, and consumes less food every day – limiting themselves to 500 calories per day. For 26 to 40 days (depending upon the desired amount of weight loss) the diet drops can be taken to minimize cravings for foot, boost the metabolism, and lose those stubborn pounds.

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HCG Diet Drops

indexHCG diet drops are a new trend that, when combined with a low calorie diet, can be a very effective way to lose weight, without the time and stress required at the gym. The amount of time you spend on the diet should be proportional to how much weight you want to lose. Many people have difficulty losing the 15-20 pounds it takes to reach their target goal – sometimes less than that – but if you follow the hCG treatment for 26 days, you will see improvements. The first twenty-three days of treatment are the ones that truly activate the hCG process. In the last days from the 24th to the 26th days, continue with your low-calorie diet but stop taking the drops.

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